Caterer Options

APeritif Choices
All options include 
Prosecco, Bellini, Mimosa, red Wine, white Wine, Fruit juice and water

Aperitif 1 - €15 + 10%
Salty snacks, olives and hazelnuts

Aperitif 2 - €30 + 10%
Small Pizza selection

Mushrooms pie
Smoked ham and cheese pie
Vegetable pie 
Classic Venetian marinated sardines 
Creamy cod fish canapé 
ixed of cold cuts
Vegetables from Sant’Erasmo Island

Aperitif 3 - €40 + 10%
Small Pizza selection
Mushrooms Pie
Classic Venetian marinated sardines
Creamy cod fish canapé 
Baby shrimp with polenta
Steamed Prawn Salad with vegetables from Sant’ Erasmo Island
Octopus, Potatoes and Taggiasche olive salad
Marinated anchovies
Venetian bean soup
Roll of steamed squids 
Sour and sweet baby Scallops 

Menus come with 1/2 bottle of wine per person, Wedding cake and coffee

Menu 1 - €130 + 10%
Home made Orecchiette  Pasta with “ Sicilian” violet shrimp, green peas cream and Burrata mozzarella cheese from Andria 

Swordfish steak with capers, Taggiasca olives drizzled with lemon and pistachio 
Strawberries and Peach Sorbet with Prosecco
Toast to the Bride & Groom

Menu 2 - €135 +10%
Seabass ravioli with seafood and Parsley emulsion

Sea scented risotto flavoured with Prosecco
Almond-crusted tuna served on Yuzu marinated raw vegetables drizzled with raspberry oil
Seasonal Fruit Sorbet 

Toast to the Bride & Groom 

Menu 3 - €145 + 10%
Strigoli Pasta with swordfish, olive powder, “Nasone” tomato cream and Basil essence
Adriatic scampi risotto scented with cumin, saffron and liquorice

Seared lobster medallions with pan-fried vegetables from Sant’ Erasmus Island
Champagne Sorbet 
Toast to the Bride & Groom