Do I really need a wedding planner if I want to get married in Venice?

  • Having a wedding planner isn't just about finding the right venue. It's about insider knowledge of the city and being able to relax and enjoy your special day without the stress and worry. Our wedding planners are based in Venice and will listen to you.

Is it very expensive to get married in Venice?

  • There are budget friendly venues in Venice that don't require a fee for the wedding or event. Let us know your budget and we will help you find the perfect venue. However when planning a wedding in Venice, it is important to take into consideration that transportation is more expensive in this city.

Are there any clever ways I can save money when planning a wedding abroad?

  • Getting married in late autumn, winter or early Spring could save you money on many wedding venues and suppliers.
  • If you still want to have a summer wedding do consider getting married during the week. A Wednesday wedding can be just as much fun as a Saturday wedding. Just make sure you notifu your guests as far in advance as possible so they can make arrangements to get time off work.
  • Save yourself the hassle and expense of choosing two different locations, try choosing a location where you can get married and celebrate at the same time. That way you will save on wedding decor and flowers as you will only need to decorate one location.
  • Get flowers that are in season. Did you know that peonies can cost up to five times the cost of roses? Fill up centrepeices with plenty of foliage as it will save you heaps.
  • Have a morning civil ceremony instead of an afternoon ceremony as it will save you quite a bit. Have a look at the civil ceremony price guide.

How much time do I need to plan my wedding?

  • We recommend at least 6 months to organise your wedding however we have organised weddings with only a few weeks to prepare.

When is the best time to get married in Venice?

  • All year round is a great time to visit Venice however it's important to be aware that Venice can be very during the opening of The Biennale at the beginning of May and Redentore weekend in July.

Civil Ceremony in Venice

Will my wedding certificate be legal in my country?

  • Yes, the certificate will be legally recognised in your home country and is issued the same day as the wedding. 

What documents do I need?

Is the paperwork complicated for a civil ceremony in Venice?

  • We will guide you through the process, some of the documentation will be done in you home country while some will be completed by us in Venice. The most important thing is to leave enough time for the paperwork to be registered. This varies depending on the passport you hold.

How long does the civil ceremony last?

  • The ceremony lasts for about 30 minutes and it's important to be on time. There are only a few minutes between ceremonies. 

Do I have bridesmaids and groomsmen?

  • You can only have two witnesses for the civil ceremony, however you may select more than one bridesmaid or groomsmen for your wedding.

Can I have personal vows, readings or live music during the ceremony?

  • Yes, there are certain sections where you personal the ceremony. For more information have a look at the civil ceremony script.

Can I move the chairs around and decorate the civil ceremony Hall?

  • As there is only a short amount of time between the ceremonies it is difficult to decorate the room. 

I am a really picky eater, will this be a problem?

  • We work with excellent caterers that are ready to accommodate you but please keep in mind that Italians follow the seasons and not all foods are available at certain times of the year.

Can I have fireworks?

  • You can have fireworks on some of the islands but due to the close proximity of the buildings in Venice,  fireworks are banned.